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May the Darkness be Merciful

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May the Darkness be Merciful

Post  Kristin on Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:02 pm

The territories of Terreille had been at war for as long as anyone could remember, each ruler trying to increase the size of their territory and gain more power for their people or for themselves. However, while the wars raged between the territories, the land had begun to suffer. It had gotten to the point where the Realm of Terreille was beginning to die and it was that alone that brought all of the Territory Rulers together to discuss the possibility of peace. The discussions spanned a couple of years, but eventually all of the Rulers agreed to stop fighting and focus on making things better for their Territories. The Blood turned their attention away from the past wars and focused on nurturing and restoring the earth once again, though the tension remained between certain Territories.

It has been about 11,000 years since the tentative peace began and some Territories have fared better than others at restoring the land and bringing prosperity back to their people. The question is though, whether this peace will be able to last much longer. There are power struggles beginning to take place in some Territories and in others, the Rulers are once again beginning to look at the places that are weaker and considering a take over. Will the peace hold or will the Realm of Light once again start to fight amongst themselves?

While the battles raged in Terreille, the Shadow Realm chose to close its borders in order to keep the fighting from spilling over into Kaeleer. By doing this though, it cut the two realms off from each other for close to 100,000 years. The Dark Gates were still manned by Priestesses on both sides, but they were no longer to be used for travel between the two Realms. There were times when that edict was broken of course and people crossed over from one Realm to the other, but in general Kaeleer was closed to the inhabitants of Terreille.

Kaeleer was not without its own problems during that time though. There were wars that occurred over the years, though none of them were ever to the extremes that were happening in Terreille. There were territories that were being plagued by civil wars as well. Overall though, Kaeleer is a Realm that has always seen more peace than Terreille.

Over the last 11,000 years, there has been a debate going on as to whether the border between the Realms should be re-opened now that the fighting had come to an end in Terreille and there was no risk of the fighting overflowing any longer. People went back and forth about it for centuries, trying to decide if it would be for the best or not. Finally though, it has been decided.

The Shadow Realm is once again accessible through the Dark Gates, though it has yet to be determined if this was a good decision or not. Will there be people traveling from one Realm to the other in search of a new home? Will the people from Kaeleer that had been forced to enter Terreille return to the homes now that it possible to do so again? Or will something happen that will once again force Kaeleer to close the borders between the two realms?

May the Darkness be Merciful is a mature RP that is loosely based of the Realm of the Blood from Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy. At the moment we are focusing solely on the Realm of Terreille and the territories that lie within, as well as a few select territories in the Realm of Kaeleer.

This is an Alternate Universe RP so nothing that happened in the books nor the characters from the series actually exists in this world. This is our chance to create a new story in the beautiful world that Anne Bishop created and we hope to keep those tales coming for a long time.

We are a small, but active community, and we are looking forward to getting more new players to add their thoughts, ideas, and abilities to what we already have going on here. We do not believe that you have to have read the books to join either and all of the players are willing to answer any questions that you might have. So come take a look around and we look forward to RPing with you.

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