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Ascension: An Early Medieval RP

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Ascension: An Early Medieval RP

Post  Ascension Admin Aaron on Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:25 pm

What is Ascension?

Ascension is an original early-medieval themed living-story, created with the intention of allowing writers to explore their creative urges within a period piece. Providing a well developed background and setting to inhabit, with worldwide plot arcs open to be engrossed in, as well as stories of every individual man or woman to be told and explored.

Ascension promotes the idea of exploring inner human conflict, with the clash of two religious ideologies over the idea of magic, and how far they are willing to go, how far they are willing to push the faith of their followers and institutions. All the while lords and kings play their games of politics at the expense of the common man and woman, how far can they themselves push before the people deicide to push back?

The Scenario

The Order threw their beliefs against the world, bringing with them a war, with the intention of destroying the possibility of an age old prophecy written by their God himself. Disgraced, shunned and exiled from society in defeat, they are compelled to sit meekly by nursing their old wounds with a longing for vengeance. Meanwhile the prophecy they thought to prevent seems to be slowly coming to pass before their troubled eyes.

Word has reached the south with a whisper from the far north, hushed and particular it found only the right ears. Word of a young girl with the mage eyes, as yet untouched by the horrors of the Order's purges. The King of the southern kingdom of Avonleigh, a man faithful to the mainstay faith of the Triune, has dispatched a hand picked group of individuals with the purpose of bringing this person supposedly made of prophetic purpose to him and his court. Braving the dangers of their rival kingdom in the north, the delegates set a pace to deliver this person to the south. No matter what the cost.

Sixteen years after the defeat of the Order, amidst a sudden and devastating attack on the northern settlement of Maidstone, rumour of their name and strength returns. The Great Order of God. The attack, which resulted in the live-burnings of hundreds, if not thousands, has seemingly went by without intervention. Was it really by the will of God's chosen, or really a nefarious bid for battle and war?

The magic many wished for, yet many also feared seems to have survived the events of the purge and the war. More than the aristocracy and the faiths have a part to play, as the shadow of a once great but notorious force reassumes its dominance over the Kingdoms. Is it prophecy or just coincidence that everything seems to be aligning?

What We Offer

No Word Count
No Activity Checks
Encouragement for Player-driven Plots
Welcoming Community

Useful Links

The Codex
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Ascension Admin Aaron

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