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Children of the Night

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Children of the Night

Post  Atrice on Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:22 am

London. 21st century. At first glance, it seems like an average city. It's full of regular people with regular jobs and regular everyday lives. At least until night falls – then you'll notice the difference. Since the beginning of 2009, a suspicious amount of bodies began turning up here and there, some sporting inexplainable punctures in their throat, other's with no sign of trauma at all. But all of these bodies had one thing in common, and that was that they were drained completely.

For thousands of years vampires lived their dark lives in secrecy – humans weren't meant to know they existed, and the vampires were good at keeping their secret safe. There were a set of unspoken rules, which kept the secret of vampires contained – but the rules were broken. Vampires became more and more careless, no longer bothering to hide their victims and leaving them out in the open. Some even began flaunting their condition, not bothering to hide it any longer. Human detectives began looking into it and eventually that meant the end of secrecy. Humans became aware that they were not alone, and had to share their world with the vampire race.

The discovery of vampires hit the media, and since then, more and more vampires have flocked to London. It is unknown why the city seems to draw them in, and people have become curious about this strange phenomenon. Meanwhile, humans and vampires are attempting to coexist. Scientists and doctors have even begun looking for The Cure, but have not had any breakthroughs. There are rumors of a practitioner using vampire blood in experimental tests against cancer. People still turn up dead from attacks every day, but vampires are still being catered too. The human population as a whole seem to have mixed feelings on the issue. There are some who are fascinated and even obsessed with these new creatures, and there are some that are deadset against them. Others just don't really care. Where do you stand?

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