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In Nomine -- Marvel 616 RPG

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In Nomine -- Marvel 616 RPG

Post  Cyclops on Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:26 am

"No more mutants."

Three simple words that shook the mutant world to the core. Over the span of a
single night, sixteen million mutants became 198. That was what the government
believed, at least. Mutants had been an ever-growing, ever-changing nation and
now they were no more than a small handful of freaks. Their enemies wasted no
time in trying to wipe the few survivors from the face of the earth. In the wake
of the mansion's destruction, under the leadership of Cyclops, these mutants
flocked to the remains of Providence, renaming it Utopia. This move brought
about an outcry from their enemies, claiming they had turned their back on the
United States, making themselves enemies of the state: Utopia was dubbed a penal
colony. Some of the world's more powerful mutants retained their powers, enabling
them to put up a fight. It was, however, a losing battle. There were too few of
them left and their numbers dwindled a little more every day. So great was the
value of one mutant that a single loss echoed as if an entire army had been
eradicated. It seemed it would only be a matter of time before they met their
end, scattered to the wind, forced into hiding to avoid being picked off one at a time.

The shadows are always darker before the dawn. Yet in this darkness there
gleamed one single point of light, one hope. It took the form of a child, the
first mutant born since the infamous loss of global mutation, known as M-Day
from then on. In her short life she had been called both Messiah and Murderess.
If mutants from 80 years in the future were to be believed, then she was the
harbinger of the end of all mutant-kind. If the mutants from the far more
distant future were to be believed, she was the messiah. So much had been
lost in the wake of M-Day they needed all the hope they could get. Cable
absconded with the child to the future at the order of his father, Scott Summers,
to raise her. He named her Hope for that is what she represented. It is now
in the darkest hour that they return. If she is not who Cable believes she is,
the end of mutant-kind is at hand. A little hope will always remain.

As mutant forces amass on Utopia, sanctuary and prison, Cable has returned
from the future with the child he named Hope Summers. They battle their
way toward Utopia with the hopes of a people carried on their backs. An
unholy alliance has been struck between the Purifiers and the Right,
both groups that oppose mutant-kind. They seek to launch a twin-pronged
attack to wipe out mutant-kind once and for all. One plans the annihilation
of their base of operations in Utopia, while the other has, at the same time
developed a deadly biological weapon, designed to kill any and all with an
active X-gene. Should this come to pass the time of the mutants will well
and truly be over. Even with Hope on their side, will it be enough?

    In Nomine is a 616 universe X-Men RPG set shortly before Second Coming. In the essence of the game its foundation is built around righting the wrongs against mutants and bringing a new edge to the Marvel world. Though we do not place labels such as intermediate or advanced we do respect writing ability and hold it highly. If you are looking for a game based around personal plot and creativity, and enjoy massive plots that affect all characters involved come join us today and experience the intricacies of personal and global role-playing that is In Nomine.


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