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X Men Alternative Universe

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X Men Alternative Universe

Post  CEREBRO on Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:38 pm

X-Men Alternative Universe"

It's been three months since Jean's death. The day after in Alcatraz, a couple of scientific followers of Mr. Sinister, stolen samples of blood spilled from mutant experiments. The goal was to create a Jean Grey's clone, but this time they have the control on the Phoenix's power. Mister Sinister needed Phoenix to free the first mutant, Apocalypse, which rests in a pyramid located in Egypt and there it was left thousands of years ago. If Sinister reach his goal Apocalypse would resurrect with his four horsemen.

Meanwhile at Westchester School, Storm is the new headmistress , helped by Logan. Nobody knows that at Isla Muir, Professor Charles Xavier is back and his mind is completely intact. An identical twin of Charles Xavier, whose mind had been destroyed before birth due to the power of Charles mutation.
And does anyone know that Scott still lives in Alkali Lake, Phoenix did not kill him, if she left him unconscious and injured after the attack but with enough life so he could go ahead and try to return to home.

The antidote of the Cure that counteracted mutant gene began to fail in some mutants some days after the injection such as Magneto, Mystique and Rogue. Their powers it's back again. When Magneto realized that his powers were back started to gather once again mutants in his favour for reunite again his brotherhood, while Mystique is seeking revenge for what Eric did to her. But everyone ignores what is really going on...

The clone of Jean Grey, the goal of Mr. Sinister and the potential resurrection of Apocalypse.
A new war begin...

we are looking for canons and originals !

X Men Alternative Universe
welcome to a new adventure

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