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Timeline for Thompson

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Timeline for Thompson Empty Timeline for Thompson

Post  George Thompson Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:51 am

July 1809

Friday 21st
~ Afternoon Watch: Marines Aloft

Thursday 20th
~ Morning Watch: Corporal Thompson to see Mister Sewell, please

Monday 17th July
~ The Vile Tempest

Tuesday 4th
~ Noon: Unofficial Business

Sunday 2nd
~ First watch: Serving a Sentry

Saturday 1st
~ Forenoon Watch: The Purpose of Drill

June 1809

Sunday 25th
~ Morning Watch: Ribbit, Ribbit

Thursday 15th
~ Forenoon watch: It's gone!

Monday 12th
~ Forenoon Watch: Rumble on the Gundeck

Sunday 11th
~ Afternoon Watch: On Styles

Saturday 10th
~ Forenoon Watch: Mess Duties
~ Afternoon Watch: In Irons, Defaulters

Friday 9th
~ Forenoon Watch: Meeting and Greeting
~ Afternoon Watch: Illicit Bounty

Thursday 8th

Wednesday 7th
~ Morning watch: Report of Action Taken
~ Afternoon Watch: On Being Agreeable

Tuesday 6th

Monday 5th
~ Forenoon Watch: Congratulations are in Order; Cat-Scratch Fever
~ Afternoon Watch: It's Gone (The Marines)

Sunday 4th
~ Morning Watch: Boys at Work (Fingers)
~ Second Dog Watch: A Nice Sway and Patter of Feet; A Romp on Deck; The Fo'c'sle in the Sun

Saturday 3rd
~ Second Dogwatch: Thinking Happy Thoughts (Thompson, de Guarde)
~ First Dogwatch: Promotions (Thompson, Cartwright)

Friday 2nd
~ Second Dog watch: Sick Berth (Branning, Thompson, de Guarde, Farley)

Thursday 1st
First Watch: Stargazing

May 1809

Wednesday 31st
~ Afternoon Watch: A Good Bit of a Scrubbin' (Evans, Chase, Oxley, Thompson, de Guarde, Button, Fingers, others); Sailors With Shackles
~ Afternoon Watch: All Hands Aft (Bolitho, de Guarde, Thompson, Button, Oxley, others)

Monday 29th
~ Afternoon Watch: Slacking off in the Sun

Saturday 27th
~ Forenoon Watch: Setting Sail (Button, Smith, Evans, Chase, de Guarde, Thompson, Oxley, others)

Friday 26th
~ Mid-morning: Please don't miss and hit a man (Thompson, Branning, Allen, Johnson, Oxley, Gunn, other Marines)

Thursday 25th
~ Late Morning-Afternoon: Working Ashore (Chase, Thompson, others)
~ Mid morning: Up before the Captain

Wednesday 24th
~ Morning: On Deck (Thompson, De Guarde)
~ Late morning: Drummer's Jacket (Oxley, De Guarde, the Shepherds, various others)
~ Evening: Mucked Make A Visit Bolitho, Bush, Thompson, Chase, others

Tuesday 23rd
~ Afternoon/evening: Libertymen Ashore (Thompson, Chase, De Guarde, Andrew Shepherd, Chicken Dyer, others)

Monday 22nd
~ Battle of Oporto: Naval Landing Parties (Thompson, De Guarde, Tom Oxley, Sam Oxley, Branning, Cartwright, Bolitho, others)

Sunday 21st
~ Early morning: Breakfast Time (De Guarde, Fletcher, Oxley, Thompson)
~ Afternoon: Leaving Terpsichore (Padstowe, des Sablieres, Maturin, Thompson, Chase, Allen, Perry, others)
~ Late afternoon: Coming Aboard (Perry, Thompson, Chase, Bolitho, De Guarde, others)

Saturday 20th
~ Morning: By Cape Mondego (Crozier, Maturin, Branning, Barrow, Chase, Thompson, Quinn,  others)
~ Mid-afternoon: First Dog Watch (De Guarde, Thompson)
~ Late afternoon: Planning for Fun (Oxley, Andrew Shepherd, De Guarde, Thompson, others)
~ Evening: Chat on the Fo'c'sle (Thompson, De Guarde)

Friday 19th
~ Early morning: A Sunny Morning (De Guarde, Oxley, Chase, Thompson, Chicken Dyer, others)
~ Mid-morning: A Dirty Business (De Guarde, Thompson, Crozier, Barrow, Maturin, others)
~ Afternoon: In the Wardroom, Signing In (Bush, Thompson, Perry, Oxley, Chase, Leat, others); Friday Afternoon With the Marines (Thompson, Johnson, Branning, Quinn, Shriver, Cartwright)
~ Forenoon Watch: Friday Morning with the Marines

Thursday 18th
~ Morning: Preparing to Sail (Crozier, Padstowe, des Sablieres, Maturin, Thompson, Chase, Quinn, Cartwright)
~ Late morning: The Sick Bay (Crozier, Thompson)
~ Afternoon: Off Watch With the Marines(Thompson, Allen, Branning, Oxley, Bakewell)

Wednesday 17th
~ Afternoon: After the Refit (Crozier, Allen, Branning, De Guarde, Thompson, others)

Monday 8th
~ Forenoon Watch: Please Don't Miss and Hit a Man

Sunday 7th
~ First Dog Watch: Writing Home

Saturday 6th
~ The Day After

Friday 5th
~ Morning: The Storm
~ Mid-Morning: A Summons
~ Late Morning-Early Afternoon: The Middies' Berth
~ Late Afternoon: After the Battle

Tuesday 2nd
~ Late Morning: Light Duties and Men

~ Morning: Morning After

Monday 1st
~ Night: In the Night on Terpsy

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