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Courtesy Rules

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Courtesy Rules Empty Courtesy Rules

Post  Keiju Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:29 am

It should not need to be said that StC is a game and should not be taken too seriously. It also should not need to be said that real life will take precedence over the game. Recent events, however, have suggested that just such a reminder may be called for. The board's rules lay out the basic guidelines for acceptable conduct, but there is no document with plainly stated consequences for violations of the rules. This thread fills that gap. This thread is also a brief list of courtesy rules for player-to-player conduct. Everyone is expected to abide by both the board's rules and these courtesy rules.

The Courtesy Rules.

1. In-Character relations and interactions are to be kept separate from Out-of-Character relations and interactions. This means, any bad feeling that might arise between members in Out-of-Character dealings will not extend to In-Character dealings. This includes, but is not limited to, disagreements that occur via IM, PM, or E-mail. While the staff cannot directly moderate those mediums, we will deal with complaints that arise as a result of any off-the-board correspondence.

2. If you have a problem with another player, speak to a moderator or administrator. Let her offer the player some constructive criticism if necessary; do not do it yourself. If harassed, criticised, or pressured by another player about your game plans, your character's behaviour, or any other matter, contact an administrator who will help to negotiate. Do not attempt to solve the issue yourself, no matter how right you think you are or even how small you think the issue is.

3. Keep a civil and respectful tone when speaking to other players, free of sarcasm, insult, mockery, and passive-aggressive tone. If someone contacts you in such a way as to upset you or make you feel uncomfortable, do not respond but pass the message on to a moderator or administrator. There is a Report Post function available. Players should use that function if there is any question about the content of any post on the board.

4. It's strongly recommended that everyone employ common sense when dealing with other members and with staff. Doing so will help ensure a more enjoyable experience for everyone on the board. If you think you are about to post or say something that can be construed as impolite, don't post it. Delete it or rewrite it. If you would not say something in real life, you probably should not say it here.

5. Players who go away for extended periods have the option to place their characters under the care of another player, or to allow anyone to write for their characters. This means characters belonging to absent players should not necessarily be left behind when a particular plot line moves forward. Keeping characters nominally present does not require them to be actively involved. Simply stating that they are nearby may suffice toward that end,

We will observe the Three Strikes policy regarding rule violations.

First Strike - A warning via PM will be sent, with the possibility of the player's account warning level being adjusted as well. Warning levels, if adjusted, will be applied to all of that player's accounts. The warned player will be given the opportunity to edit, if it is a post that is decided to be in the wrong. A period of two days will be granted for post-editing. If improper content is not removed by the player during that time, the staff will edit or delete that post.

Second Strike - The player's warning level will be adjusted and there will be a temporary loss of PM privileges to all of that player's accounts. A one or two day suspension from the board may be enacted, also to all of that player's accounts. A second warning will be sent via E-mail.

Third Strike - Any player who acquires three strikes within a period of two weeks will receive a ban. Bans are not open to appeal and may be reversed only if the staff discuss the matter and decide that a reversal is reasonable. All accounts belonging to that player will be banned.

It is assumed that everyone will read this thread and, therefore, it is assumed that any violations that occur after this thread is posted will be answered with a First Strike.

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