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Rules for playing here

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Rules for playing here Empty Rules for playing here

Post  Sharpiefan Wed May 14, 2008 2:34 am

Firstly, and most importantly, Show the Colours is a place to have fun, and both the In-Character and Out-of-Character areas should show that to some degree. We want this board to be a friendly interactive place with a community feel to it, and our rules have been written to further that goal. Please take the time to read them carefully. They have been broken down into different sections to cover various aspects of being on Show the Colours: Out-of-Character, In-character, the Cbox and an explanation of our warning system.

Important Note: By joining this board, you are certifying that you are aged 13 or over, and understand that you may be asked to leave if it transpires that you are under the age of 13


~ 1. Respect.
Everyone deserves respect, and you should treat other people as you would like them to treat you. Please be polite and courteous in your dealings with both the staff and your fellow RPers, whether in the Cbox, on the main forum or in PMs. In-character disagreements should in no way affect out-of-character interactions - players are not the characters that they play.

~ 2. Questions.
We do our best to answer questions about the setting and board. If you have a question about something that has happened in-game, we strongly suggest you read the relevant thread/s before asking questions – you will usually find that such questions are answered before you ask. For out-of-game questions, check our FAQs. If you have any questions about the period or setting, post in the History Discussion area. Any questions or problems with the board itself go in the guest-friendly SOS area. Please Note: Due to recent spambot activity, we have had to disable guest-friendly posting throughout the board. If you cannot log in, please contact Sharpie in the Cbox. Guests, if you have any questions about StC, we are more than willing to help - again, please ask your questions in the Cbox. I apologise for any inconvience this may cause you.

~ 3. Accounts.
StC is an account-per-character game. When creating a new character account, please use first and last name, properly capitalised. Due to board limitations imposed by the host, you may have to use a second email address when registering again, but once registered, email addresses can be changed in your personal settings. You are welcome to make an OOC account. If you only wish to read the board, please do not register. Unused and inactive OOC accounts will be emailed and may be deleted.

~ 4. Language/Sexual/Violent Content.
This board is PG-13 or 2/2/2 according the RPG-Rating system. Please be aware of this when posting.
a) Language. Broadly speaking, we try to have the same approach to swearing as the Sharpe novels: Mild infrequent swearing, such as 'bloody' is allowed, and we will accept the occasional stronger word. We would ask that you do not drop the F-bomb all over the place. If in doubt, just say 'Character A swore viciously' or whatever.
b) Sex. Certain references to nudity and the sexual act are permitted, but we ask that you please do not go into graphic detail. We practise the fade-to-black option on this board.
c) Violence. Generally speaking, violence in posts is more acceptable than graphic sex, but please do not go overboard, and please warn when the rating increases.

~ 5. The PM System
The PM system is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, it should not be used to belittle other players and their characters, either to them or to someone else. Anyone found to be doing this will have PM privileges revoked, for themselves and all accounts that they hold. If anyone PMs you in such a way that you feel uncomfortable, a polite PM back asking that person to desist is fine. Should it go any further, please inform a member of staff, forwarding any relevant communications.

~6. Graphics:
The limit for icon size is 150x200px. Signature banners should be no bigger than 500x150px. Banners, icons and links for IC accounts should relate to the character. Please do not use the same face as someone else. You may link to your own website only on OOC accounts. Any inappropriate graphics will be deleted without warning and the offender warned. Their account/s may also be suspended. By inappropriate, I mean graphics with high sexual or violent content, that are Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or require a rating higher than PG.

~ 1. Characters.
It is suggested that to start with, you have a maximum of four characters, preferably two each at sea and on land. If you feel you can cope with more characters after you have settled in, you may then introduce more. There is no limit to the number of characters you may have, but you should understand that all characters are considered to be in play, and should be updated fairly regularly. Inactive characters will be moved to a Memoria group.

~ 2. Character Profiles
Once you have a character and start playing, you will (hopefully!) learn more about your character. If you need to update your character biographies, please feel free to put a copy of your character profile, with relevant updates, in the 'Character Updates' section.

~ 3. Writing.
Please use third-person past tense, with proper grammar and punctuation when writing posts. We also ask that you do not use txt language, l33t or IM speech, either in the OOC boards or more especially in IC boards – such language does not fit with the period setting. Using correct grammar and punctuation will also help those members who are non-native English speakers. First person posts are only allowed in the case of letters and journals written from a character's point-of-view, and belong in the Letters and Correspondence board. For dialogue, we ask that you use the English " " or ' ' marks.

~ 4. Responding and Allowing Responses
We do not have a word-count on this site, but we do ask that you respond to the post/s above yours and give something for the player/s following you to be able to respond in turn. Thoughts and other introspections do not allow for a response; speech and actions do allow for a response. This does not mean that you can't post your character's thoughts, simply that the other character can't reply to them. Something that your character says and does means that interaction between your character and another character will flow much more easily. If all else fails, ending the post on or very soon after asking a direct question will give the other character/s in the thread something to say.

~5. God-Moding and Meta-Gaming.
Please do not dictate the words, actions or responses of other characters unless you have either permission from that character's player or a very good understanding of the characters concerned, and preferably not even then. Taking over someone else's character is called god-moding and is frowned upon. We also ask that you do not use OOC knowledge in IC posts. If you as a player know something, but your character does not, that character may not reference it. This is meta-gaming, and is also frowned upon. For a further explanation of both god-moding and meta-gaming, please see the game FAQs, linked to above.

~ 6. Setting and Anachronisms
Please bear in mind the historical setting of this game. Deliberate and obvious anachronisms are not allowed. However, we are all human and all make mistakes. Anyone can slip up with a date. That is fine. Napoleon inventing the atom bomb is not fine. We also ask that you do not create any characters as females-in-male disguise.

~ 7. Animals as Characters
This is a human RPG and therefore we do not allow animals as characters, either PC or NPC. Whilst players may for fun NPC a horse or passing bird or cat, etc. we request that an NPC profile is not created for them. Doing so has led to problems in the past (especially where horses are concerned), so we request that players no longer do this. Should you wish to introduce a horse/mount for your character then it is suggested that a little information about it be put in the character profile or in the Horses & Other Animals forum, so that should the horse change hands in-game other players know something about it.

Cbox Rules
Note: ALL board rules also apply in the Cbox.
~ 1. Keep it clean – the Cbox is one of the places guests will check out first. If you would not post it on the board, do not post it in the Cbox.
~ 2. Please do not spam the Cbox.
~ 3. Please do not post in the Cbox merely in order to link to your own board, blog, forum or website. Such links will be deleted out of hand.
~ 4. Please do not ask for thread summaries in the Cbox. You will merely be provided with a link to such threads and advised to read them.

The Warning System
We have a warning system on StC. I am telling you about it not because I expect there to be any problems – I don't – but because I think it only fair to explain how rule-breaking will be dealt with. We will try to be fair and impartial, but the Admin's word is final. We operate a three strikes rule following a friendly warning.

~ Minor infringements/mistakes:
These will be dealt with by a simple polite PM quoting the relevant rule and explaining the way in which it was broken. We understand that people make mistakes and we will help people to improve and not to make those mistakes in future.

~ Strike 1:
If the same thing happens again, we will again PM the person concerned. We will also place a warning marker on their account which will remain there for a month. If the warning is because of misuse of the PM system, we will revoke all PM privileges for the player concerned, on all accounts that they hold.

~ Strike 2:
A second warning within a month will result in a temporary suspension, usually of three days, and a second warning marker, which will remain for a further month. Major infringements of the rules – bullying and the like – will also result in a warning and a suspension.

~ Strike 3:
A third warning will result in a permanent ban, for the player and all their accounts, email addresses etc.

Warning markers will be noted. Although they remain on the accounts of the player concerned for only a month, that does not mean that it is acceptable to repeat the same behaviour in two or three months' time after the marker has gone. Such a repeat will escalate straight to Strike 2 or 3, as appropriate.

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