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Fandoms and character sources to consider

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Fandoms and character sources to consider Empty Fandoms and character sources to consider

Post  Sharpiefan Wed May 28, 2008 10:32 pm

As well as original characters, we are looking for characters from fandom. The following list is by no means exhaustive as I know I don't know all the books/films/TV series set during the period. Hopefully, however, this should give you an idea of the sort of thing we accept characters from. If I haven't mentioned your particular favourite, it doesn't mean we don't want people from it.

Jane Austen - has military characters: Wickham, M'man Price, Captain Wentworth. Or any civilian characters who might end up at sea/in the Peninsula

C.S.Forester - apart from Hornblower, Kennedy and other sailors, he has Rifleman Dodd from Death to the French

Patrick O'Brian - Jack Aubrey, Tom Pullings, Killick, Bonden, Awkward Davies. The list here is endless.

Alexander Kent - We have Bolitho, but what about Herrick, Tyacke, Allday?

Richard Woodman - Nathaniel Drinkwater, Tregembo, Quilhampton, Frey

Dudley Pope - Nicholas Ramage, Jackson, Stafford, Rossi

Julian Stockwin - Tom Kydd, Nicholas Renzi, Tobias Stirk, Luke Calloway...

Bernard Cornwell - Plenty of characters in the Sharpe series - Cooper, Simmerson (if you can bear to!), Tom Garrard, Jorge Vicente, Frederickson. There's also Rider Sandman and Sam Berrigan from Gallows Thief

Allan Mallinson - Matthew Hervey, Johnson, Geordie Armstrong. There's quite a few characters who served in the Peninsula, if you want to play cavalry.

Georgette Heyer - a lot of her characters served in the Peninsula. Jack Staple from The Toll-Gate for instance, or Colonel Audley from An Infamous Army You may be able to name others...

Victor Hugo - Les Miserables is quite a large fandom. I haven't read the book, nor seen the films or the musical, but there must be some characters who were part of the French Army before the canon opens?

Richard Howard - his Alain Lausard series about a group of French dragoons is a good source for characters, even if it would be AU to have them in the Peninsula. A little AU never hurt anybody, after all!

Peter Smalley: William Rennie, James Hayter...

Dewey Lambdin: Alan Lewrie and others

Paul Dowswell: Sam Witchall, Richard Buckley, Robert Neville...

Sean Thomas Russell:

Vanity Fair I haven't read it, but surely some of the soldiers were in the Peninsula before they went to Waterloo?

Films and TV Series
(These are also good sources for faces for characters)

Amazing Grace
Becoming Jane
The Duellists
Far From the Madding Crowd
Mansfield Park
Mary Bryant
Master and Commander
Miss Austen Regrets
Monsieur N
Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
To The Ends of the Earth
Vanity Fair

We also accept historical characters. We have a Wellington, but what about Scovell, his cryptographer? Or Captain Pellew? If you have a particular favourite person from the period, here's your chance to play them. Under this heading also come those soldiers who left memoirs: Costello, Kincaid, Harry Smith.

If anyone thinks of a fandom or author I haven't suggested here, I will reiterate: it doesn't mean I don't want characters from it. Join, post your character summary and let me know there's another source for characters so I can add to this list.

As regards faces, if you choose to use an actor, please use a face capped from a period drama or photoshop your chosen person into period clothing. If you can't create photomanips yourself, we have some very talented people on the board who will be willing to help you out. I don't mind characters wearing clothes that don't quite fit our period - certain Victorian clothes, for example. I don't want characters wearing very obviously modern clothes, or with modern make-up, if it can be helped at all.

A couple of useful places to look for period-looking faces, apart from screen-capping/manipping your own:

This post on InsaneJournal gives a list of Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Edwardian icons.
Long Ago Captures is a good place to look for screen-caps from period dramas, if you can't get your own.
The Costumer's Guide offers some great screencaps. Scroll down to the actual period links (the best ones for StC are the Georgian and Regency ones, but in accordance with my outline above, films and programmes set in other periods may also provide suitable faces for icons and signature banners).

Last edited by John Vickery on Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:04 am; edited 11 times in total (Reason for editing : To add some possible sources)

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