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Muster Lists

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Muster Lists - Page 2 Empty Re: Muster Lists

Post  Étienne Saint-Hilaire Tue May 06, 2014 7:08 am

Ah and, SCs are not necessarily adopted characters. Or mostly do not belong to the adoptables or the NPC type chars.

They mostly are characters that a person has created from the start with the intention of not sharing them even if they are not a PC. They can either appear once or twice, or can be somewhat more regular, to further the story, etc.

So to make it a little clearer, they do not fit in the 'after someone has adopted a character' category. They fit more in the 'created for purposes of this story arch or something other, but only I will play them' category.
Étienne Saint-Hilaire
Étienne Saint-Hilaire

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Muster Lists - Page 2 Empty Re: Muster Lists

Post  Allhands Mon May 12, 2014 8:19 pm

SCs - Created for purposes of a story arch or something other, perhaps even as family of the character, only the creator can play them. They may support the main character but will become PCs only if obtaining enough importance.
Example: Mother of character, that lives in London.
Example: subordinate soldiers, that you find particular want to play yourself, to enable interaction of several layers, but do not want to share the character with others.

NPCs - Created for use for everyone and anyone. Support whoever decides to borrow them or for whatever purpose. No permission of use needed. They can have a description, so that it is easier for people who borrow to play them, and to remain relatively consistent,but it is not necessary. Can even be picked up as PCs for those lesser inspired on making their own PC up wholly.
Example: Well any character you can put in the adopted cathegory later, Any character that is free for all.

Retired characters - I think this section would fit more in the Archives. It is after all of characters, that are no longer in use but the players have given permission, to keep their profiles up. If on the other hand the players do not want their characters to be kept on board after they left, they don't go in here anyway.

P.S. Reasoning on the problem of: 'Main NPC profiles', still suggests that they are free for all and don't belong to anyone and it is thus a misnomer for all those characters, which are not free-for-all and might confuse people into believing they can just snatch them up.

As I said before, having 30+ character profiles and characters , only gives you the appearance of having great numbers of PCs.. which in truth are only temporarily or offhandedly played or only for purposes of a handful of characters. A not very nice 'lie'.
And NPCs don't work, because the same characters don't fit in the free-for-all cathegory.

Ok on other NPC/SC unrelated points:

NAVY: I am in disagreement to the rule of only one officer - navy section - rule. We have too few as it is, and having fewer will mean that nothing much is done, if at all, there. Not everybody dreams of having a lieutenant character. Some may be satisfied to have only seamen or only marine privates for the whole time, so they will be far from prompted to create an officer, even if there is a free spot open. Others might like, are active and are good at playing officers, but will now be limited to only one, while empty spots remain.

I would still rather press on for people to have to be active enough - to be allowed to play officers - rather than for them to be - per rule - allowed one officer only no matter their activity. Otherwise we will end up with either no officers (loose the ones we have, gain no new ones), and still not solve the problem of inactivity (it doesn't matter how many officers you have, even just having one - if inactive, can be one too many)

The site is GREAT though: What I like is the feeling that the number of Navy sections had diminished so it's not overwhelming, and very happy to see the French have their section too. The square with the text scrolling up on the right also looks very nice now and balanced with the whole 'banner'. So great job on that! Cbox fits in nicely as well. Will we eventually have the 'most recent' list too? I know it's a pain to put it in, so just curious!

That's all for now.

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