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Friedrich Rottländer

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Friedrich Rottländer Empty Friedrich Rottländer

Post  Friedrich Rottländer Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:36 pm

OOC Info
Username/Nickname: Marashar
How did you find out about StC? googling
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Character Info
Canon/Original: Original
First Name(s): Friedrich
Surname: Rottländer
Nicknames: Freddie, German Freddie
Age: 17
Sex: male
Place of Birth: Ellmendingen, Baden, Southern Germany
Occupation: Rifleman, batman to Cpt. Torrington
Family: none who would acknowledge him

Description: Freddie is a small and slender lad. He has dark, curly hair, mostly worn in a short pigtail. His complexion is very clean and his huge brown eyes are very beautiful. The only thing that saves him from looking like an angel is the broad scar on his left cheekbone. He is actually short-sighted, but hasn't realized it. The only obvious sign is that he usually squints his eyes.
He still has all his teeth and shows them when grinning, something he does quite frequently. In general, he has a very cheerful disposition and usually looks eager, friendly and delighted.
On his back he bears the scars of a flogging.
If not on parade, he seldom stands still. He also tends to run rather than walk. He often gives the impression of having more energy than is good for him.
His uniform and kit is always in very good order, his rifle is one of the best polished in the regiment.
He has a musical voice, a pleasant light tenor.

Strengths and Weaknesses: - He is a very tidy person, tending to clean up everything in his reach. He actually loves to cook and sew, being quite good at both. Occasionally he tends to experiment with new recipes, not always with favourable results. He takes great pride in a a well-cooked meal or a nicely mended piece of clothing; if people tease him for being "such a good housewife" he will feel hurt, but only seldom has the courage to strike back. He also usually doesn't recognize friendly banter on this topic.
- He cannot keep his hands still. If he has to, he gets very uncomfortable. On piquet-duty he usually polishes his bayonet or some other piece of his gear. His attention isn't distracted from his duties, though, as he really can do it now in his sleep. Soon after he joined he was severely flogged for not having his rifle ready on watch; he has learned this lesson and will clean it only in his spare time.
- His English is bad and heavily accented. He gets easily confused if someone talks to him and doesn't give clear orders or if he is actually supposed to respond.
- He can load his rifle blindly and with amazing speed, but is only a very average shot (that's only partly due to his poor sight). In a rifle regiment, that naturally leads to some teasing. He has gotten used to it, but it still stings. In combat he will load for a better shot, if the situation allows. He is also very nimble and by now quite skilled with blades, which makes him dangerous in a melee, but he still lacks the strength and stamina for a longer hand-to-hand fight.
- He likes to sing and learn new songs. If he doesn't catch the words, he will make up his own.
- He can write his name, but nothing more.
- He loves the life he's leading now and is very unlikely to desert. He doesn't mind the hardship, being used to it from the orphanage, and likes the camaraderie and to feel part of something important. He also likes that he can be outside and doesn't have to work and sleep in a dark building.
- He doesn't actually understand why Napoleon and the French are the enemy, but he hates them with a passion.
- If bullied, he's not very good at standing up for himself.
- He is generally honest now and doesn't steal from his comrades, but after running from the orphanage he had been a pickpocket for a time.
- With a smile and a few kind words people can often take advantage of his friendly nature.
- He is best kept constantly busy. If left to his own devices, he is likely to try to do something helpful. Sometimes, however, his definition of 'helpful' might differ a bit from that of those around him. He also might end up in places he is not supposed to be. This trait in combination with his talents led his superiors to make him a batman, his sargeant's reasoning being that then an officer would have to keep a constant eye on him.
- He tries to become a better soldier and sees drills as a chance to do so. His zeal already made him one of the quickest loaders in the brigade and a good man in a melee, but try as he might, he cannot improve his aim. This vexes him considerably; he tries to compensate by often practising the loading procedure. He hopes that this will one day get him a reputation for being asked to load for somebody else because he simply is the best there is. He still believes that at the moment he has to do it because everybody believes his aim to be a disgrace to the rifles.

Background: Freddie was born the illegitimate child of a rich wine-grower's daughter. To hide the shame, he was given into the care of an orphanage. When bullied by older children there, he often fled into the kitchen or to the housekeeper, making his presence there acceptable by helping and trying to cheer everybody. He learned many useful tricks there and became quite skilled. He was supposed to get apprenticed to a tailor, but ran away when some other boys made him believe that this tailor was a cruel man. He drifted for some time, surviving by small jobs and occasionally picking a pocket. After some time he managed to attach himself to the entourage of a British diplomat who advised him to join the rifles. Thinking it a very good adventure, Freddie immediately did so. He soon realized that some of his ideas had been hopelessly romantic, but liked the life anyway.
He was somewhat shocked by his first encounter with the French and a chasseur à cheval came close and slashed his face open. More by chance than by skill Freddie managed to kill him. Afterwards he was cheered for his bravery, standing so boldly while the enemy galloped at him (he had of course been actually frozen by fright). He quite liked the feeling of being valued for his fighting skills, but knew that he didn't deserve this compliment yet. Instead of embarrassing himself by trying to set his comrades right he simply vowed to live up to their expectations. His wound healed well, though leaving a scar, and he realized that it actually hadn't been as bad as he feared.
Now he is cured of any undue bravery, but will go into any fight eagerly and give his very best.

Anything Else: not yet

Writing Sample/Past Roleplay: "... Und siehe, wie sie mir und dir sich ausgeschmücket haben, sich ausge..." Freddie let the notes of the song trail away as he gave the jacket a last loving brush. It looked nearly as good as new. The patches had been too light, the cloth having been donated by a French chasseur. But the careful appliance of some walnut juice had now darkened the colour to a decent rifleman's green. 'The sergeant will look fine in it', Freddie smiled proudly. He skipped from the boulder he had been perched on and ran off across the green to where his sergeant was smoking his pipe. "Alles done, Herr Feldwebel!" he called cheerfully, presenting the mended jacket. The sergeant examined the patched spots solemnly and finally nodded. "Well done, lad! As polished as your bayonet." The young German grinned even more at the praise. "Soll I fix anything anderes?", he asked, his hands already busy folding the heavy friese coat the sergeant had laid down beside him. The sergeant made a move as if to snatch his coat back, but checked himself. Freddie wouldn't steal it. "Not now, lad. Captain wants you to look after that engineer that came. Better make yourself useful there. You are his batman now." Freddie looked slightly confused and the sergeant sighted: "The new officer: You are his servant. Diener, you understand?" Freddie nodded, grinning again. "Sein Bursche! Yes, sergeant." He tossed a friendly salute and bounced off, leaving the sergeant once more feeling as if he had just survived a friendly small tornado.

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Friedrich Rottländer
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Post  Sharpiefan Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:42 pm

Accepted! Rifleman

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