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David Burr

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David Burr Empty David Burr

Post  David Burr Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:39 pm

OOC Info
Username/Nickname: Keiju
How did you find out about StC? This's where I sling my hammock, ain't it?
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Character Info:
Canon/Original: Original
First Name(s): David
Surname: Burr
Nicknames: None
Age: Thirty-eight
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Perth, Scotland
Occupation: Sergeant, Light Company, 1/2nd Guards
Family: Gordon and Molly, parents; Clare and Mairead, sisters
Description: Short but broad-shouldered like his father, and dark-haired like his mother. Despite his ruddy face and sturdy build, Burr is nondescript overall, an unlikely trait in an infantry sergeant. He does not stand out immediately in a group, but he does not have to. The Scotsman can make his presence felt by virtue of his cool, steady air. Physically, he is no slouch but he dislikes relying on his stature as a means of projecting authority. Those new to his acquaintance often find him outwardly intimidating, however, owing to his short, stocky appearance and thick dark hair. Burr does like side-whiskers and lets his grow until they are nearly unmanageable. If permitted, he would wear a beard.

He does not make a habit of raising his voice, except to be heard over the noise of battle, and he very rarely does so in anger. His preferred tone is level and direct, if somewhat quiet. Never one to panic, Burr finds it easy to face enemy fire without flinching. Sticky, perilous situations do not trouble him greatly. He has had plenty of close calls with danger and has survived to tell of them, which has eroded much of his fear of death. Like any man, of course he is naturally unnerved by imminent action, but he is not one to let any such unease show. His unflappability is almost legendary.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
Steadiness - Burr never loses his head, even when others around him are falling into panic or disorder. He considers such losses of control as wastes of energy. His unshakable calm makes him no end of use to his company officers.
Discipline - More than being the iron-willed enforcer of his officers' orders, Burr embodies an unyielding spirit of discipline. He doesn't speak to officers unless addressed and will never offer an opinion unless expressly permitted. Conversely, he does not go out of his way to abuse the soldiers under him.
Honesty - The Scotsman is honest, in a rough, blunt sort of way. He will invariably offer the unvarnished truth if he is asked for his views on a particular matter, and often does so with little mind toward tact or social niceties. His officers have, with time, come to respect this quality in him.
Fear - Or, more accurately, the collective absence of it. Past campaigns have toughened Burr but he has lost the sharp edge of a man's natural instinct toward self-preservation. His lack of fear may be seen as laudable by some, save for the fact that his men tend to follow his example. The likelihood of Burr getting men killed unnecessarily is very high owing to this.
Stubbornness - This is a trait inherited from his mother. Burr resists change and is very difficult to convince otherwise when he believes something is worthwhile or important. Familiarity breeds competence, in his view, and he does his best to keep things familiar.
Mischief - Despite the responsibilities of his rank, Burr enjoys causing minor disturbances in his own quiet way. He is not usually malicious in this, but if sufficiently provoked to it, his mischief can be deliberately ill-intentioned.
Background: David Burr was born the only son of a tinsmith in Perth. He grew up alongside two sisters and learned from a young age how to avoid the chattering nonsense that inevitably came when women gathered in larger groups than two. His father intended for Burr to take his apprenticeship with him at the smithy, but the boy had little interest in confining himself to such a trade. He ran from home when he was twelve and volunteered for service with a militia company. So began his army career. Young Burr served two years as a drummer before being drafted to the Second Foot Guards, alongside fifteen others.

In only a few short years, Burr would become a regular private soldier and travel with his regiment to war. He served with the Coldstream in Holland and Egypt, with a promotion to corporal being earned in the years between those campaigns. Further years would pass before he added a third stripe to his sleeve, but it was an accomplishment he was well proud of. Burr and his regiment were not with Moore on his famous retreat, a fact that Burr found unfortunate. He would have liked to serve again with the general, having done so in Egypt. It was some comfort, then, when orders were received directing the 1st Battalion to prepare itself for transport to Portugal.

Anything Else: Nope
Writing Sample/Past Roleplay: Pass
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David Burr
David Burr
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David Burr Empty Re: David Burr

Post  Sharpiefan Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:21 pm

Accepted. Razz

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