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New Horizon( Pirates of the Caribbean forum)

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New Horizon( Pirates of the Caribbean forum)

Post  adminn on Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:52 am

    On Stranger Tides

    'It's Just Good Bussines'

    These were the last words of Lord Cutler Beckett before he disappeared into the fire and falling overboard. Everyone saw his body falling on the flag of the East India Trading Company, the little empire he had created out of greed. When his reign of terror had ended completely, William Turner, the new Dutchman´s Captain, decided to take Beckett to his own hell where he could escape; his new kingdom which was on the other side.
    With Lord Beckett´s death, the pirates were free and were going to have a freedom that would allow them to sail the seven seas without fear of being persecuted, imprisoned and hanged.

    The sea goddess, Calypso, was released and governs the sea at will, controling those who arrested her years ago in a human body, each day watching the sea hoping to find the man who lost and loved, the man who was Davy Jones.

    Barbossa commandeers the Pearl, stranding Jack and Gibbs in Tortuga. Barbossa looks at the charts of the map for the Fountain of Youth with the crew only to discover Jack cut out the middle. Jack meanwhile uses a small boat to escape Tortuga and sails away with the map's middle to find the Fountain of Youth.

    During the trip Sparrow whose goal is to reach and be captain of the Pearl again, in his way he met old friends as Captain Blackbeard and his beautiful daughter, Scheherazade with whom he had a long and passionate affair. Both of them avoid that Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa can find the fountain of youth and so have eternal life.

    Elizabeth Swan could fulfill her wish to marry William Turner, the new captain of the Dutchman and responsible for carrying out the mission which was to meet Davy Jones. After having consummated her marriage to William Turner departs after giving Elizabeth the Dead Man's Chest. She could see how her husband was leaving her leaving her his heart that ought to protect with her life and fruit in her womb.

    Piracy had no limits of freedom and any ship that sailed the Caribbean was assaulted, attacked and sunk. Port Royale is fully declared to have been a pirate attack on the royal city, pirates against soldiers of the Royal Navy and Black Coats (Lord Cutler Beckett´s soldiers ) fought a bloody battle. The outcome was; Freedom of pirates who had been imprisoned and killed many British soldiers. The English flag had fallen and the Pirate´s flag had put on top of Charles's fort.

    But no one was aware that the King of England was informed that a member of the crew of Jack Sparrow knew the way to get to the Locker, to the other side to the Davy Jones´s kingdom where Sparrow was once imprisoned. There is hope that Lord Beckett has returned from the hell where it was stranded. The King´s orders, who was the law, were that a ship of the Royal Navy was looking for him with the help of this pirate who was hanged after revealing the way to the Locker.

    If Lord Beckett returned from the other side, he would do with more strength than ever. Piracy's days were numbered and the life of Jack Sparrow as well.

    His fist would be lethal.


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