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Post  reinla on Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:24 am

Creatures of the night, they’ve never been the
kind to be openly accepted by the human populace of the world. And
thus they have all been forced to live in secret, hiding their way of life
just to simply stay alive. Though technically considered human they have
no rights as humans. Our rules would never apply to them right? Wrong.
For years Vampires, werewolves, and those that we would call “witches”
have abided by our rules and yet never had we shown any form of
equality for these creatures. And that’s all they have ever asked for, to
simply be accepted by the human populace, and attempt to create peace
in the world, to possibly blur the lines that divide the day walkers and the
night stalkers.

Since the early 1800’s when humans had first discovered these creatures
the humans have never accepted them, some even dedicated their lives
to hunting down these creatures and destroying them cause they were
against god. They were demons of hell that needed to be destroyed.
They would never believe that vampires were created by god, so that a
man with the name of Cain would pay for his sins. Werewolves, an animal
gave its life to a human, creating that of the species The powers, they
were endowed with their abilities to keep the two species under control.
They were all created with a purpose, and amazingly, all were given life
by either god, or something god created. What are we to say that they
can’t share the world with us?

Obviously we believe other wise, and so we created the witch-hunts to
hunt down people in witch were created to keep the creatures of the
night under control. Many where caught, and burned a live, or tortured
for their secrets. Questions were asked if they signed the devils book in
blood. Others were asked how a human could gain these abilities. All,
were given an two simple and truthful answers. “No book was signed
and no human can gain ‘the powers’ abilities”. And for their words they
were killed. With so many deaths, several groups of people created a
coven of silence. One group, was given a power that only a man could
ask for. The power, to bend reality. To do what hands can't do. The
created a pack…a Covenant of Silence. It protected them for close to
three hundred years, and now, they have to worry about their current
generation of boys, to keep the covenant of silence intact.

As the four group of boys go into school, they are dealing with the
pressures of school life as well as life at home. All four boys have a secret
to hide, whether it be the power they have or the fact that life at home
isn’t as good as it once was. How the power, though it can do many
things, the one thing it can’t do is hold a family together. One man
already addicted to the power lays in hiding deep inside Old Town of
Ipswich, father of the first boy that is to ascend, this very year. One,
simply never has parents around to tell him what to do, another has no
parents, is considered the weakest of them all. And the last but certainly
not least the second oldest with the fewest family problems gets his kicks
on fast bikes. Nothing but a normal group of teenage boys yes? Wrong.

During the many years that the families kept quiet one thing was
forgotten. The reason they exist, though not written down, was there,
even if they didn’t remember. Keepers of the night walkers. They’ve
been lagging in their duties to keep the peace, and a war had started,
many vampires, and werewolves have died in attempts to keep their
species pure. Every half breed that has been born has been killed, or so
they believe. Only werewolf/vampire half breeds have been killed. They
wouldn’t even think to aim for the human or the powers half breeds, until
now. Only four of them exist, and they don’t even know their being
hunted down by those they thought they could call family.

And so, with the Ipswich power growing, the Sons are soon to realize
their true meaning on earth, as Vampires and Werewolves alike slowly
make their way to Spencer academy, to set things right, to give the Son’s
their jobs back. And hopefully to bring peace to the two species once

A Disease Of The Mind I Can Control You

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