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Clean Black Slate

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Clean Black Slate

Post  Maalin on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:28 am

Clean Black Slate is an X-men Movieverse RPG about the possibilities hanging on a twist of fate.

What if Xavier survived his confrontation with the Phoenix?
What if Scott was alive and living his life elsewhere?
What if Jean learned to fight the Phoenix for control?

Light and hope are tempered with the darkness shadowing the mutant world. In the aftermath of the Cure no side rests easy. Extermination of mutant powers became a hot topic of media debate, heavily supported by the Friends of Humanity, in the months following the release of the Cure. The government no longer issues weapons loaded with the Cure, but does not admit to any fault in their initial use during the attack on Alcatraz Island. Even with the temporary state of the Cure mutants protest the idea of any involuntary treatment, much the way the Registration Act was a source of debate years before.

The return of Magneto's powers meant the reforming of the Brotherhood, leaving the human world on edge with threatened violence. Even amongst mutants themselves the Cure has created a division. Mutants who choose to take continued dosages have a difficult time finding acceptance on either side of the line. Using the Cure on dangerous mutants remains a hot topic of debate for all factions, but the temporary status of it has allowed many of the dangerous mutants from Alcatraz Island to resume their lives in Manhattan and other parts of the country.

Xavier's Institute is a sanctuary for students with the Professor and the X-men at the helm. District X has begun to flourish as mutants group together for both safety and socialization. Mutant hate crimes are on the rise in Manhattan, but only a fool would venture into District X after dark looking for trouble. Even the shadiest areas of the District seem intent on taking care of their own. While the Human-Mutant Alliance preaches unity and understanding, they constantly find themselves trapped between the extremist Brotherhood and Friends of Humanity - neither of which support an alignment of the groups they consider different species.

Clean Black Slate is celebrating it's seven month anniversary and looking forward to hitting its year mark. Many canons are open and available - although we allow and enjoy original creations. The writing style welcomes both intermediate and advanced role players to find a place for themselves in our world. There is no required word count. The board rating is M for mature. We have unique plots for various factions and board-wide plots.

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