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Rise of the Immortals

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Rise of the Immortals

Post  Rotiadmin on Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:40 am

It is 168 B.C., just a few years since the Titans last escaped their Tartarus prison at the hand of a foolish mortal who’d stumbled upon an instrument of tremendous power. The Olympians struggled greatly to fight back those immortal forces, and have only just begun to regain their comfort, power, and greatness in living.

But nothing remains in peace for long. The First Battle of Pydna between the Macedonian-led Greeks and the Roman Empire has crushed Greece as an independent country, inspiring the complete purge of any with remaining royal blood. The country has turned volatile, murdering or casting out any that stand with the Romans. Greece has become fearful in all regards, closing themselves off from the rest of the world. The Gods, however, are dependent upon the worship of the mortals within their Grecian realm, and with all the political unrest among the mortals, power is waning. In all regards.

The time has come. Zeus fought for enough support to raise the hidden island of Atlantis, and enact a plan he has always kept in his back pocket. With their powers in flux, it has taken great strength among them to complete, but even more in order to resurrect the men and women of the past whose heroic deeds made marks on history. They have been brought back to life and sponsored by the Gods, given powers of their own, and residence on Atlantis itself, under one condition: change the course of history for Greece itself. Save it from falling into complete chaos, and save the Gods from being snuffed out entirely.

However, nothing ever goes to plan and even amongst the Gods and the newly revived heroes there are signs of dissent against Zeus' grand plan. Some have begun to question why they should continue to support a Greece that has fallen into stagnation, or if they should instead turn their eye towards the future of a new empire on the rise.

Whose deeds will once again change history, and in changing history… can any keep their immortality?

Rise of the Immortals is a Greco-Atlantean fantasy and mythology role-play focusing on allowing both futuristic and ancient worlds to be feasibly in-play within the storyline. Feel free to look at the rules and browse our canon list for character ideas as well as chat with us in the cbox. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ciel.



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