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Lady Isabella Walham

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Lady Isabella Walham

Post  Isabella Walham on Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:44 am

OOC Info
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Character Info
Canon/Original: OC
First Name(s): Lady Isabella Maria
Surname: Walham
Nicknames: Bella
Age: 17 (*18th April 1793)
Sex: female
Place of Birth: Walham Court, Walham, Gloucestershire
Occupation: Debutant

Family: Lady Isabella Walham, commonly called Bella by her family and friends, is the youngest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Gleve. She is the sister of Edward, Viscount Torrington (24), currently a Captain in the Corps of Royal Engineers attached to the Second Division and Elizabeth, the Countess of Thine (26). Her oldest brother William, Edward's twin, is deceased.

Description: Isabella is 5' 1'' (1,55m) and has a nice figure and good carriage. In looks, she rather resembles her mother. From her she has inherited her mop of dark, unruly curls. Her maid tries, but it often is not willing to be coaxed into the latest fashion. The only features clearly from her father are her sharp, mobile eyebrows. Like her parents, she has green eyes, although her's have a more bluish tinge than her brother's and sister's.
She is usually dressed in the latest fashion, although she is limited to pale colours suitable for debutants. She has a particular liking for sea colours.
She has a sweet, musical speaking voice and a beautiful, well-trained soprano singing voice.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Bella's main accomplishments, for which she also has a great natural aptitude, are singing and dancing - both learned from early on under the eyes of tutors and greatly enjoyed. She plays piano rather indifferently and mainly to  accompany herself, is adequate at sketching, and does not like needlework. She could be better in most of these things if she would show more patience and practice more, but only for singing she is motivated to do so.
- She is a good rider, can drive suitable carriages and in general enjoys being outdoors. She has taken several falls already because she does not always judge the situation correctly. She always gets up and back in the saddle as quickly as possible and never makes a fuss, though. Her father does not allow her to ride or drive without a groom or another person he trusts to keep an eye on her; in return for promising him always to honour this, he lets her ride nearly all the horses in his stable and share in his and his son's interest in them. In the morning, she can usually be found riding.
- Her academic accomplishments include good French, passable Italian and an interest in geography as well as some botanical and some historical knowledge. She tries to understand what her brother does, but she has no patience for the precision required and not her brother's head for numbers.
- She is very vivacious, not always perfectly behaving with the decorum of a noble lady.
- When in the country, she likes to visit the people on her father's estates and shares in the country life, in town she usually accompanies her mama or visits her sister and her children when she is not engaged with her many friends.
- She can be quite naive, is not the most patient girl and can be a bit too good-natured and forgive and forget too easily. Usually, she is quite cheerful, rather inquisitiv, and has a talent for enjoying beautiful things.
- She likes sweets, roasted nuts and fresh fruit. She absolutely dislikes being cooped up in the same room for long without something to do she likes.
- She has been tutored at home and has quite a good education, but on the other side that meant that she never had to survive in a school with other girls. She also grew up rather sheltered and has never had to fend alone.
- She has a lady's maid, a niece of her old nurse; she is quite attached to her and likes to chat with her while dressing and undressing for a ball - this tends to make her rather slow and her family has learned to inform the maid of the time Bella needs to be ready.
- She has a large dowery, but her father is not willing to let her marry just yet - he rather dotes on her, and any prospective suitor will have a hard time convincing him to let her go.

Bella is the spoiled youngest child of rich and distinguished parents, and while she is very good-natured and friendly, occasionally it shows quite clearly. She was born in the country, and likes it there very much, but as her father, an influential politican, is staying in town most of the year, and likes to have his family close, she has grown used to town life from early on. She was very close to her oldest brother, with whom she shared her ebullient spirits, and took his death very hard. She has grown closer to her second brother since then, sharing her grief with him. With her older sister she has a good relationship, but the age difference makes it sometimes difficult for them to talk.
She will be presented at court and at Almack's next season, her mother strictly refusing to do so during the Little Season.

Anything Else:

Writing Sample/Past Roleplay: --

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Isabella Walham
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Re: Lady Isabella Walham

Post  Sharpiefan on Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:28 am

Accepted. (Of course. Very Happy)

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