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Rise of the Immortals

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Rise of the Immortals

Post  Ciel on Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:04 am

It is 72 B.C., one hundred and forty five years since the Titans last escaped their Tartarus prison at the hand of a foolish mortal who’d stumbled upon an instrument of tremendous power. One hundred and forty four years since Zeus demanded Hades release the legendary heroes of the past to fight their cause. One hundred and forty three years since the Titan of Warcraft rose up against Cronos and alighted a rebellion to bring down the kingdoms. One hundred and forty two years since the battle between the Rebel-Titans and Olympians struck its first blow.

In a moment of utter disarray among the Olympians, the Rebels, a new faction built on bloodlust and warfare, split away from the Titans, were able to summon the resurrected heroes to imprisonment in Tartarus. They demanded allegiance and forced those who remained obstinate into slavery for their purposes. With such a powerful force backed by demand for retribution and several integral Gods who could see no leader without Zeus, their army stormed Olympus…and conquered them all.

The Gods’ only safe haven is the lost island of Atlantis, where Poseidon once ruled a people well beyond the rest of civilization’s means of living. It was the voice of Zeus, miraculously unsheathed now that their world has crumbled, that called them to the reemerged island as they lie bleeding, burning, and broken from wounds to their bodied and spirits. Though, the sense of peace on Atlantis among the satyrs, nymphs, sirens, and centaurs cannot last long as the Gods fight to understand Zeus' disappearance, their demotion from their homes, and the struggle of rulership all over again in their own new world.

It seems the Olympians have all but forgotten their promises to the legendary men and women they brought back and swore to protect. It is with these mighty heroes that the true fate of civilization depends on, and they are now in the hands of those they'd promised to fight against. It is discovered that only by another resurrected heroes hand can they meet their final deaths – not even an immortal’s will can send them back to the Underworld. Those that pledge to the Rebels no longer have to hide their faces and their names, becoming living, breathing recognition that the Titans are alive and generous in nature and can seemingly control death itself. Those heroes that remain obstinate in their loyalty to the Gods, however, are branded monomachos, meant only for slavery and entertainment by the spilling of blood as they fight to their deaths.

As the Mount is ruled now by blood and violence, the Gods dispatch their numbers toward the East. As Rome has just begun its rise to glory, Zeus directs their focus on gaining authority over the Roman people where they’ve lost worship from the Grecians. In this, Athena is charged with aiding the development of an army of worth, to stand up against all that has been lost. It has started with the persuasion of a mighty gladiator, Spartacus, and his men who rebel against Rome and come now to Greece demanding vengeance on those who enslave the monomachos in-kind.

Whose deeds once again change history, and in changing history… can any keep their immortality?

Rise of the Immortals is an ancient Greco-Roman mythology role-play focusing on the non-historical second Titanomachy and resurrection of heroes. Feel free to look at the rules and browse our wanted list for character ideas as well as chat with us in the cbox. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ciel.



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