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Garden of Bones [JCink]

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Garden of Bones [JCink]

Post  Audra Ta on Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:52 pm

In the realm of Setharos, peace spread from north to south, west to east,
and the therianthropes, humans, lycans, and vampires once lived in harmony.
However they neglected and abused the witches, who had no kingdom they
could call their own. They were forced to live amongst the other races or in
'cities' not protected by one of the four kingdoms. Outraged, Morgath, a dark
magic witch, gathered an army and persuaded the witches of Setharos to join
him to crush the four kingdoms in a horrific and bloody event they later called
the Reaping. They fought for several months and Morgath and his army were
crushed, but he had managed to plant a seed of hatred for the other races within
each kingdom after his death. Centuries later, the four kingdoms still hate one
another, but the threat of Morgath's ressurection and a second Reaping has forced
them to join together to ensure their survival if he was to land in Setharos again.

Now it is up to the kingdoms of Setharos to find peace amongst each other once
more; to band together and use one another as allies in a fight they know is coming.
Alliances will be made, friendships and relationships will be tested, and at the end
of it all, only the strong and willing will survive. But the peoples of Setharos know
this: they will not be slain again and they will not let their kingdoms once more
become Morgath's garden of bones.


We are a mature, low word count, traditional app site set in a medieval 'steampunk'
styled world. We've got a sort of Game of Thrones meets semi-modern culture
and supernatural feel to our board. We're open, friendly, and love all sorts of plots.
The board is very member driven and we look forward to seeing how our members
do with helping to create the world of Setharos and make it their own. We also have
special 'canons' -- the Royals who rule the kingdoms. However, everything [and we
mean everything] about the canon is up to the player. Even Morgath is a canon!
Basically, come and join us and see what we're about!

Index || Plot || Canons || Races || Adverting || History || Technology and Culture

Audra Ta

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