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Post  Jo Blue on Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:04 am


Current Clutch: |Circle of Life|

(21 eggs, 1 gold) -Donated by Fort Weyr~
Hatch Date: 8/1/2012

The year is 2845. The 10th pass is quickly approaching, and much throughout Pern has changed in the nearly 300 turns since the 10th interval began. After a huge meteorite sent the world into a miniature ice-age, only 3 major weyrs remain: Fort, Igen, and Ista. Fort Hold is currently the largest settlement on Pern, and has financial and diplomatic control over pretty much every other substantial population. Weyrs and holds on the Southern continent haven't been heard from in over a century, and any attempts to make contact have been futile. There are approximately 20,000 humans residing on Pern, nearly half of the number there were before the meteorite strike. 165 of them are dragonriders.

After the dust and debris cleared, Fort discovered that the meteorite impact zones were full of valuable minerals and gemstones of which Pern had never seen before. They quickly established a mining operation, and established Kairos Hold to house and provide for its workers. As bandits learned of the valuable resources, the mines needed further protection, and so, Kairos Weyr was constructed.

But, there is a catch. These foreign minerals emit almost radiation-like qualities that slowly sap the health and life out of those who are unable to null their deadly powers. It doesn't seem to effect small creatures, but humans, herdbeasts, and runners are forced to ingest mass quantities of the Gallo Root, grown at Kairos Hold, to offset the harmful effects of the minerals. Several dragons, even though they cannot consume the Gallo Root, have been discovered to have developed immunity to the health detriments and are able to live at Kairos without ill effects. Thankfully, this genetic adaptation appear to be a dominant trait, and it can be passed down through mating two immune dragons. However, the materials may still be effecting them in strange, unpredictable ways. Only time will tell.

With plots constantly unfolding and the ability to get involved and take on leadership roles available right away, what do you have to lose? Join Kairos Weyr today.


Jo Blue

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