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Behind the Glamour

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Behind the Glamour

Post  Visitor on Wed May 16, 2012 3:34 pm

| A Mortal Instruments RP |

The world as known by Nephilim has changed. The Accords were reluctantly signed, and the world, for the most part, is at peace. Valentine Morgenstern is a name that still brings fear and doubt to the hearts of Shadowhunters across the globe, and they are now aware of just how easy it is to be lost in corruption and fanaticism. They witnessed how three instruments of their faith, used to summon their creator, could be used to provoke something so dark and evil. Valentine had almost brought them to extinction, and many of them now have had their eyes open to the possibilities of their own kind. If they should fail in their mission of maintaining peace, all humanity and their dimension would be in mortal peril.

For Nephilim and Downworlders alike, there is no vacation, no true peace. There is much to be done in the name of their alliance, They cannot deny that there will always be enemies, and traitors of the Accords. The Children of the Night, the Moon, and of Lillith, the Fair Folk and Nephilim must all find common ground they had had forgotten existed and collaborate whilst being true to their race. The Fey are seductive and ruthless. Will they use their infinite charm to sway their fellow Accords constituents? The werewolves are rash and easily provoked. The vampires still inquire after the Daylighter, but do not regret their earned seat on the council, even if they were manipulated into joining forces against Valentine. The Warlocks have been called upon to create more complicated and intensive wards for Alicante. At the same time, a new document must be drawn up by the council members, with a more binding magic.

So take a walk amongst the pages of the books you wished you could exist in. Look out for the brethren of your kind, live within the shadows or wander through the light in search for your own answers. Clear your mind, and allow yourself to see what’s Behind the Glamour.

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