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Cent Jours II [Napoleonic RP]

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Cent Jours II [Napoleonic RP]

Post  Visitor on Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:33 am

(The game is almost finished but still under construction, so this is subject to change, this is not the final version of this story either.)

The game will begin in 1815. Napoleon returned to France after his initial exile, but was never soundly defeated. After a few months of inconclusive warfare, the Congress of Nations agreed to allow Napoleon to stay in power in France but the borders of the Congress of Vienna would be recognized in what is now called the Second Congress of Vienna. All nations in the Congress are bound to attack France should it launch a war with any European states without the majority consent of the Major Powers. Many do not trust that Napoleon will keep his word but the French Army and people are exhausted from nearly three decades of war and tribulation. Should he attempt a war many inside France would likely try to depose him as his situation as leader of France is most precarious. The Bourbons have significant influence in France now and will take any opportunity to seize back their throne.

To placate the French Bourbons, Louis XVIII was installed as the King of Naples and Sicily, in place of Murat who sided with Napoleon. Italian nationalists are not too pleased with this maneuver and neither was Ferdinand III/VI, former king of Sicily and Naples. Louis XVIII of France, now Louis I of the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily, technically renounced his claim to the throne of France at the Second Congress of Vienna but still retains several French titles including the Duke of Anjou. Many suspect that the peace attained at the Second Congress was forged mostly due to a lack of a will to continue fighting. Many fear it will not create a lasting peace. The Guardians of the Peace though, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, and Russia, are honor bound to preserve peace in Europe.

The forces of nationalism are sweeping across several empires threatening their very existence. The South American colonies of Spain are ardently fighting for their freedom, Paraguay and the Liga Federal have already broken away from Spanish rule. The fringes of the Ottoman Empire are steadily rebelling and ignoring the rule of the Porte.

North America is also set for conflict as the Oregon territory is under dispute between the British, the Americans, and the Russians. Are the powers prepared to fight for the land?

In Africa the Barbary states largely ignore their duties to the Ottoman Empire and prey on the shipping of other nations. Their actions may soon result in reprisals from the merchant nations. The Kingdom of Abyssinia is on the verge of collapse as rival claimants to the throne threaten to rip the country apart.

India seems to be stirring up trouble as well for the English. The Maratha Empire and other Indian Princes seem eager to push the foreign intruder from their territories.

Players will take control of a Nation and all its people and lead it through a turn based Rp starting in 1815. Each turn they submit a budget for the country which reflects the actions they are taking for that year. Players may also control individual characters in their nation and others to live in the world that they are creating.

How shall you shape your nation? Shall you bring true democracy to the Hapsburg Empire? Will you unite Asia and help stop the European encroachment? Perhaps you might even save the Spanish Empire from collapse? The world is yours.

The game is not yet ready but will be soon. I will open up claims to you all and if anyone would like to help me finish it or tweak it, let me know. Btw I am L'Empereur.

Rules x Available Nations

England, Prussia, Russia, Austria, China, Ottoman Empire, are all currently available!

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