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God Help the Outcasts

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God Help the Outcasts

Post  Emperor on Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:35 pm

2045 – World War III breaks out in 2012, and new, never seen before weapons are released. More than half of the world’s societies are destroyed. Governments fall. Anarchy reigns… but shortly after the War ends, new societies begin popping up everywhere. In the United States, in what was once known as Arizona, a new society emerged. A dystopian society parading as utopian known simply as “The City.” Everything here is white and black. There is no gray. The buildings are white, the clothing is black or white, the furniture is black or white. Citizens may only read books written by approved authors, all other books have been destroyed. Citizens may only watch government approved TV. Marriages are arranged by the government, with letters from the children’s parents. Citizens come in all races but all are perfect and beautiful, even the ‘Emperor.’ There are government sanctioned robots, perfect and beautiful, are servants to the Citizens. They cook and clean, repair household appliances, and most certainly do not have a personality… Mostly. Some Bots have been given or developed a conscience and personality, but most hide it for fear of being dismantled. Religion is outlawed; the only thing worshipped is the Emperor. No pets are allowed; the only animals are the Emporer’s pets and guard dogs.

A few hundred miles away, deep in the desert, they build a secret prison to hold their enemies and anyone believed to be ‘unpure.’ Anyone mentally ill, physically deformed or handicapped, homosexuals, virgins who have been deflowered outside of marriage (male OR female), adulterers, captured rebels, political enemies, people practicing any religion and even mutants. Everything here is white. Clothing, furniture, walls… even the food is a strange white substance. Robots are taken here to be dismantled for disobeying or if discovered to have a personality. Many have escaped, literally a handful have succeeded. The punishment for escapes are lashings, and many people have endured this plenty of times. Punishment for any crime is simple; you stay here until the day that you die, with no entertainment, only two meals a day in the cafeteria, and alone in your room unless it is the two hours allowed for recreation – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It may not seem so bad, but even those who do not arrive mentally ill often become so.

Soon, some citizens break away from the society and form rebellious alliances, each one wanting something different. There are three major groups, two hold an alliance and the third refuses help from anyone. The first is an alliance of Humans & Bots, wanting simply, a democracy. They dislike this dystopian society and wish to make their own decisions. They have gathered books, old films, and dvds. Men, women and children live with these Rebels. They reside in abandoned buildings, stealing the power from the city they live dangerously close to. The second group are only Mutants, living quite similarly to the Humans. They wish for the same thing as the first group, but they also wish to be accepted instead of alienated and feared. The third, and most dangerous group, are a combination of Mutants & Bots, who want to rid the world of Humans and begin their own society. They live underground, monitoring above and attacking from openings they have created. There is inner turmoil here. Many of the Mutants secretly wish the Bots to be their servants, and the Bots wish for quite the opposite. This is a society of brutal men and women, and few children. Children grow up with hatred in their hearts, and are taught at an early age, brutally, to fight. Weak children do not survive.

Where do you stand? Are you content with a suppressing society? Do you want to see it destroyed? Were you caught being defiant? No matter what you have done…

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