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Creating Military Characters

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Creating Military Characters

Post  Sharpiefan on Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:34 am

This is a starter guide to creating a military character on StC, with the intent of outlining our playable regiments and the vacancies that exist within them.

We have three British infantry regiments here - the 2nd (Coldstream) Guards, the 33rd Regiment of Foot and the 5th Battalion 60th Rifles. We also have Sharpe's detachment from the 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles. These regiments contain the bulk of our military characters. This is so we can maximise opportunities for plotting and threading amongst players. At the present time, players are discouraged from creating characters in different regiments.

In addition, we have two French infantry regiments - the 86ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne and the 17ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère. These are the only two French regiments that are open to new characters. As above, players are discouraged from creating characters in different regiments.

We will accept characters in Sharpe's detachment, but request that canon characters - such as Harper, Harris, Cooper, and others - be considered first, ahead of original Riflemen. There were only roughly forty Riflemen left behind during the retreat to Coruna and it is important to be aware that the 95th as a unit did not return to Portugal until the summer of 1809, which means that Sharpe's men are the only men of the 95th currently on the Peninsula. We ask that anyone interested in creating a 95th Rifleman bear these things in mind.

The 5/60th Rifles are the more 'complete' Rifles unit. The 5th Battalion was raised in 1797 and is comprised primarily by German and Swiss soldiers, but does have a number of Englishmen in its ranks as well. For our purposes, a single company - the 3rd Company - of the 5/60th is played and is under the command of Captain John Vickery.

The 33rd Foot is our redcoated infantry regiment. Unlike the Rifles, the 33rd takes its place in the Line in combat, and therefore specialises in volley fire as opposed to individual skirmishing. This regiment has a distinguished history of service, seeing action in North America, Flanders, and India before coming to Portugal. This is the regiment in which Sharpe began his army career.

On the French side, the 86ème is a seasoned regiment that served in Corsica in 1798, and later in the West Indies suppressing a revolt on Santo Domingo. They were in Portugal in 1807 and have remained there since. A more thorough history of the regiment can be found here.

The 17ème is a Light infantry regiment, formed in 1795 from a number of other units. It saw action during the Italian and Austrian campaigns, and later served in Spain. Their most recent engagement was at Braga, in Portugal, where Marshal Soult delivered a sound defeat to Portuguese troops. A more complete history of the regiment can be found here.

Miss Emma Vickery
Captain John Vickery, 5/60th Rifles
Rifleman Gabriel Cotton, 5/60th Rifles
Private George Thompson, Royal Marines
Private Tom Oxley, Royal Marines drummer
Able Seaman Sam Oxley, Royal Navy
Boy 3rd Class Terry Button, Royal Navy

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