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The Veritas Institute

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The Veritas Institute

Post  Fergie on Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:05 pm

The world is bigger than can be imagined. Ignorance has, possibly,
been both a blessing and a curse. Certain people in the upper crest of
society have learned how to use magic for their own purposes and the
occasional average joe will get their hands on a sacred text and learn
some new tricks. Though most stay secret either for tradition or for the
protection of what they have learned.

Doubtingly at first, evidence of the existence of such things became
accepted again by a select few in the British government with access to
the evidence that had been compiled. With this acceptance came the
decision to create an organization to be their eyes and ears, gathering
information on the nature of what they do not know is out there. This is
the Veritas Institute, created in 1980 that has taken root in the UK as
well as Canada and Australia, spreading it to monitor more corners of
the world on commonwealth land.

The Institutes operate together in a myriad of ways since their
inception. From being ambassadors to the Fae, researchers into magic,
peacekeepers between vampires and werewolves with the ignorant
public, and police force for hunters aware of what is out there. They are
only now realizing that all of this goes much deeper into their own lives
than they are ready to accept.

Though there is one group of humans and other beings that want
nothing more than to eradicate the Veritas Institute for the simple fact
it gets in their way. The Monks of Medmenham, a very secretive and
powerful society consisting of some rather colorful characters want
nothing more than to be the utmost powerful beings in every which way

Welcome to the Veritas Institute, the hours suck, and people want to
kill you. But hey, you can say the job is never boring.



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