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Post  HS Staff on Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:51 am

There are rumors of a fabled relic with extraordinary powers...

A crystal skull.

The race is on to find the hidden resting place, and to be the first to use its powers.

Close to three years have passed since particular events transpired at Port Royal- Captain Jack Sparrow's dramatic escape from the hangman's noose, and to this day has remained a free man, eluding capture whenever it caught up to him.

He has since withdrawn into the background, presumably lost and forgotten about, for he is not the only buccaneer to sail in the Caribbean causing trouble for the law-abiding. The world has slowly but surely been getting smaller, with less and less locations to call a haven, for those who made a living out of pillage and plunder. Other than that, life was back to normal. Rivalries between crews still thrived, ports such as Tortuga were still going strong, and showed no signs of slowing down.

That is, until rumors of a mysterious artifact came to rise, once more.

In increasing numbers, there were stories circulating around towns, seaports, and across the sea and ocean, of a fabled relic, supposedly hidden among the isles of the suitably-named Cristal Crâne Isles - Crystal Skull islands.

Reportedly, it was a life-sized human skull, carved out of a magnificent crystal. The value was not in the crystal's brilliance, but the powers the Skull contained. Nobody knows what these powers are, either, as a matter of fact, save that they were powerful. Extremely powerful. The stories of the Skull's capabilities ranged greatly; that it could read minds, or control them; it could foretell the future, and tell of the past; it was a beacon for other treasure, perhaps greater relics; and so on.

Thus, no one wanted to wait until somebody else found the Skull's resting place first. The first problem though, that affected every able-bodied sailor, pirate, or land-lubber, was this: where the Crystal Skull resided among the many islands of Cristal Crâne Isles. There was no map in existence, as far as anyone knows, or clues as to where it was. What was known, though, is that the journey would be anything but easy; the islands were said to have many false leads, traps, and guarded by creatures originally thought of as pure myth and legend.

The questions that everyone wants answered, is:

Whose side are you on? And will it be the winning side?

HS Staff

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Post  HS Staff on Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:52 am

HS Staff

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