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Our Golden Opportunity

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Our Golden Opportunity

Post  Britt on Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:51 am

The promise of easy riches struck deep. The thought of wealth beyond their
wildest dreams was like a hook, drawing thousands of eager young men to
California’s rich countryside in the hopes that they too could spend a couple
of months digging and return home with enough gold to change their lives.
Unfortunately, the gold – while easy enough to find and take at first – wasn’t
going to last long. Surrounded by vices and temptations, the hardest part
isn’t finding the gold, but keeping it.

There aren’t enough women to go around which is why several people have
decided to take matters into their own hands. Enter the Mail Order Brides;
young woman from across the country who’ve volunteered (or have been
manipulated) to come west and help settle this new, wild land. Every ship
of brides goes fast, and young woman can’t be found fast enough. Men have
to sign up for brides long before the ships make port – they can submit requests
for specifications but, there’s not guarantee any of those requests will even
be taken into consideration. Too, they have to pay a hefty sum of money to
cover travel expenses for their young woman – women who often are plucked
out of bad situations and have no money of their own.

California is rough country. Surrounded by miners from all across the USA,
Mexico and even Canada, there are many different customs, cultures and
traditions competing for center stage. If you want a city of morality, you’re
looking in the wrong place. There are more prostitutes than honest women
and there aren’t enough wives to go around, but you can find company
every couple of blocks. Churches are few and far between and Sundays
aren’t spent hearing the good word – unless you’re really devout – but
throwing away your hard earned money in this bar or that.

But for all its flaws, California has plenty of positive features too. There are
get-rich-quick schemes everywhere, and who knows – San Francisco could
be the next Boston.

Say what you want about the great and mighty West. But one thing is for sure,
this is

We’re a new site, actively looking for members and plots. If you’re interested,
swing by and take a look. We’ve got lots to offer, and plenty to share. Click on
the following links to get to the most important places.



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