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Post  MP Admin on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:19 am

As humanities final war wages on it began to consume the planet, taking the lives of thousands of their own kind. Rivers, estuaries, beaches looked of blood. Forests were stripped of leaves. Fields pot-marked by artillery shells. Cities cried out in terror as they began to crumble. Fighting over needlessly over planetary resources, fresh water, crude oil, timber, coal. As the suffering of human noncombatants increased, something stirred…

Deep with in the land set the divider, the barrier between the worlds. This alone kept the eye from seeing what once walked the Earth in a time long forgotten. But like all inventions and spell work it too had its weakness, its breaking point and break it did. Oh not at first no first it all started with a small crack but soon it gave way. Like a mighty hand letting loose reigns, which had been held tight for ages, Everything that humans wrote off as myth came out of hiding staying the human hand as they were about to let loose the hellfire of their most powerful weapons.

With the human war machine ground to a halt, the chosen leaders of all the sects of the mythical world stated their intentions to the said world. To bring order where mankind had failed and with it a new era of coexistence once more. Some humans saw them as saviors others as unnecessary meddlers. As they kept to their word. Within months with the use of magick the human world was on the road to recovery, under a watchful gaze. But this gaze is torn for within their own ranks the mythical world battled silently

While some liked the idea of coexistence and reeducation others sought to exterminate mankind and take back “their” world. So now with man constantly looking over it’s shoulder hate gathered in select minds. The two halves of the same world finds itself spilt once yet again. Some say the world will end in fire some say in ice. Do you hold the answer, will you walk the path?

MP Admin

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