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Post  LFNO Adm on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:15 am

Welcome to Letters from no one! We are a friendly active role play always looking for new members. We are a non canon Harry Potter site set in 2030.

Set in the Hogwarts Castle in Scotland, you will find it a very familiar place to be.

Since the demise of Lord Voldemort, the Wizard world is at peace and is flourishing. There is no threat of any sort of danger unless you count getting caught by the caretaker out of your dorm after hours or doing what you shouldn't be. Doesn't mean you can't try your luck.

Although the rest of the magical community is calm you can always count on chaos and drama inside the castle walls. The students currently studying at Hogwarts are a drama filled bunch. School work seems to come second to friendship, love, hate and over all drama.

Right now it's half term and Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley are open for all students to visit. As we're so laid back, we're allowing it to play alongside the normal board, so people can just visit for the day if they like, which means you can literally have threads everywhere.

At the school it's the Hallowe'en fancy dress party so grab your glad rags and come on down and boogy the night away. But like most parties it's doubtful that it go without some kind of incident or two..

So become your muses' new best friend and let them play on our site. A site that is run by the members and at whatever speed they dictate to us.

Letters From No One


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