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James Gunn

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James Gunn

Post  James Gunn on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:08 am

OOC Info
Username/Nickname: James Gunn
How did you find out about StC? Even the dogs are barking about it.
Have you read our rules, and do you agree to abide by them? Yeah.

Character Info:
Canon/Original: Original
First Name(s): James
Surname: Gunn
Nicknames: Jem,
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Gleann Cholm Cille, Ireland.
Occupation: Marine private, formerly shepherd, helped in different other jobs, as for example when his uncle and other men went to pick any valuables left from the ships which were destroyed when struck against the submerged rock. Might have been one to participate in the luring part of the work as well.

Family: 10th child. All 10 were boys.
Description: Square face bare but for the side burns, his jaw kept clean shaven or atleast an effort is made for it. He may slip up or forget it at times and leave it to grow to a stubble. His hair is still kept in an older style of a queue, and is lighter coloured. Broad shoulders, strong hands, is neither thin nor scrawny.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- He is physically strong, which is only amplified by drink or temper. He will not back off from a challenge, and is not easily intimidated (even when it would have been better if he were).
- Excellent memory, which might be due to being illiterate.
- Has skill with thread, such as to make caps or similar from it, though he will not be one to talk about it. He knows how to knit very well.
- Has no problems with heights, though he has been more used to climbing rock in the past.
- He has a steady hand and is a good shot.

- English is not his first language, which is quickly evident. His comprehension is often poor, which leads to misunderstandings or making him appear slow, even though he is not.
- Quick temper, especially when an ill word is spoken about his kin (Ie Irish), strikes before thinking it through. Add alcohol to that, and it might get very ugly.
- Does not take things seriously, and is somewhat sloppy. This lead him to be compared to Vining once or twice in the past.
- As above mentioned he knows how to knit, but he will be damned if he is to admit it to others, especially as that is a job reserved mostly for women.

Background: Born in the country, he began pasturing the sheep at a rather early age. There were many mouths to feed, so the children were often sent to work at the homes of the people living relatively close by or herding the small flock that the family owned for its profession in wool work. The older boys then took the clothes and other knitted work to town, sometimes travelling for days, depending on where they would think their wares would sell and how soon they did. Being the youngest James usually remained behind, either taking care of their flock, or helping prepare, clean and thread,then knit and weave more of the wool into whatever products they thought to sell. Sometimes the second youngest brother remained behind, though most of the knit-work had been passed from him to James, once old enough. This was usually more common when the days were colder and because there were no women at home other than their mother.

All of James's clothes had consisted of passmedowns, which meant that he was often cold, wet and his clothes might've had more holes than Swiss cheese. Being hungry was not unusual to him, but at least at night he could curl up close to the sheep and so be warmer. The farm animals, how ever few they had, were common inside of their home, which was very basic, small, and consisted of one bed that the parents occupied. It resembled little more than a mud hut. The boys usually slept on the floor. When pasturing, they slept in natural shelters if not out in the open.

This life left him as a more sturdy and resilliant individual, used to hardships and with a somewhat aloof outlook on life. When things had to be done, they were done. When fists had to be shown, they were shown and even if the end result was not himself as victorious, he did not shy from another fight. Those initiated with his brothers or against each other. When he was not

When his brothers were at home, he participated in other jobs as well, such as helping his uncle maneuver the boat along the coast to the area well known for the wrecks and their plunder. Those wrecks though weren't accidental, but were enabled by a lantern used to lure them in in promise of safe harbour. It is possible that he had not been completely innocent of assisting in the digging down of the fences, and releasing the animals belonging to the English landlords, and similar ways of destroying the property even as a child.

At the time he knew almost no word of English. It was in the 1798 that the worse horror reigned in the land of Ireland. Some of the men and boys left to take part in the regions where rebellion had a greater number of its supporters. He had seen the fleet of French making their final attempt to assist the Irish and yet failing even to land close off Tory Island. With another child on the way, and so many mouths already to feed, with poor sales it was time to find a different, steady and certain sort of income for his family. Though it had not been decided that he ought to go, he made the decision for his parents.

Entering an even more dangerous place he took a day at a time. Fought for what bit of clothing he had, avoided and even ran, when the odds were stacked against him.

A long barefoot journey, had brought him to the bay of Donegal. There were parties both impressing the lost men, as well as that of soldiers offering a life in their service. Perhaps adding salt to injury, whichever it might've been, James Gunn wished only to find a place where money would be steady and certain even if what he saw of the treatment made him turn back more than once.

Anything Else: God save Ireland! .... em... Harper made me do it. :p
Writing Sample/Past Roleplay: Done.
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James Gunn
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Re: James Gunn

Post  Sharpiefan on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:37 am


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